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Thibaut Rocheron

Music composer






My name is Thibaut Rocheron. I compose original music for films, plays and for multimedia events. I am also the composer and the percussionist for the instrumental group “Les Turqueries”.

My preferred area is writing orchestral compositions and at the same time, performing as a percussionist

specializing in oriental instruments.

It's because of this eclectic mix that my unique style of music composition has developed. My knowledge and understanding of harmony and rhythms borrows from many different epochs and regions of the world. This enables me to expand the conventional orchestral sound to encompass musical horizons that have not been widely explored.

For me, music is a language. It's a language that awakens emotions that words alone cannot express. When I was young, I was attracted by magic, and I wanted to believe that true magic actually existed. The day that I discovered music, was for me the evidence that I had finally discovered this true magic, and that one day it would become my passion and my profession : music.”

The composition

In my work, I aim above all to serve and enhance the feelings expressed and the ambiance of the universe that the director or the producer of the work is seeking to create.  

It's about finding the right emotion, the right rhythm, the best melody, the harmonies that fit both the image and the dramatic development. These are the means which I use to plunge the listener and the spectator into a particular universe. In order to do so, I like to collaborate closely with the director and the producer and indeed the whole creative team, so that the music takes exactly the right place in the production. Sometimes, it must be discrete, simply underlining a feeling. At other times, however, it is the means by which everything is expressed.


My works

Here are the different projects for which I composed the music.

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